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Zoom Teeth Whitening in Toronto

Zoom! Whitening: Treat Yourself to a Brighter, Radiant Smile
You Deserve to Show it Off!

A stunningly bright, white smile is something many of us wish we had.

Unfortunately, certain everyday substances stain our teeth over time, making them appear yellow and dull. While tooth discolouration and staining may be hard to avoid (especially for those of us who enjoy coffee, tea or red wine)… the condition is surprisingly easy to treat – and the results are stunning.

Bite Dental uses Philips Zoom! Whitening treatment at their Toronto dental clinic. The system is safe (and best of all, extremely effective). Zoom! Whitening can actually whiten a patient's teeth by as much as eight shades, within a total treatment time of 45 minutes to an hour. Now that's something to smile about!

How Does It Work?

The dentist will apply a special 25% hydrogen peroxide gel to the patient's teeth in three quick 15-minute sessions. This gel is magically activated once it comes into contact with the Zoom! light – breaking up discolouration and stains, all without harming the tooth in its natural state. The patient can listen to music, watch a show or simply sit back and relax while the gel works to brighten their smile. A special fluoride solution is applied to the teeth after the treatment to reduce any sensitivity. While it's very normal to experience some sensitivity following treatment, an over-the-counter pain medication or the use of desensitizing toothpaste should be able to provide relief. You can always ask your dentist for a product recommendation if you suffer from tooth sensitivity.

Getting the Most out of Your Treatment

A patient's beautiful results with the Zoom! Whitening system will typically last about a year. Patients can ensure that their smile remains white and free of stains by practicing a proper oral care routine every day, limiting their intake of stain-causing foods and drinks, and by following the professional care instructions provided to them. Using any tobacco products will also cause staining, so quitting the habit will be conducive to keeping your smile white for as long as possible. Don't forget to see your dentist for regular check-up and cleaning appointments, as well! All of these efforts will not only preserve the results of your whitening treatment, but will ensure your mouth stays healthy and fabulous.

A New and Vibrant You

Ready to finally take that step to getting the pearly whites you've always dreamed of? Book a consultation with your dentist in Toronto today! We'd be happy to provide you with an evaluation and tell you whether Zoom! Whitening is right for you.