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Comparing Amalgam and Porcelain Fillings
Which Filling is Right for Me?

When dental decay strikes, a filling is the only means of saving the tooth from further damage. When a patient requires a dental filling, they can often choose between tooth-coloured composite fillings, and silver amalgam fillings. But what should a patient and their dentist take into account when they’re making a decision?

Listening to your dentist about which filling type would be most appropriate for you is most important when making your decision. Your medical history along with any allergies or sensitivities will also be taken into consideration (e.g., some patients are allergic to mercury). Your dentist will also take into account the size and location of the cavity. If your dentist thinks your cavity is a good candidate for either type of filling, you can start to consider the below factors:


Composite fillings blend with the natural colour of your tooth, providing a more aesthetically-pleasing result. Amalgam fillings are more noticeable in the mouth and are typically used to fill back teeth.


Amalgam fillings may not be so pleasing to the eye, but they do generally last longer than tooth-coloured fillings. Amalgam fillings are composed of a mix of silver, mercury, tin and copper, and will last an average of 10-15 years. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are composed of a mix of plastic resin and glass, and will typically last 5-8 years before requiring a refilling.


If cost is a concern, it’s important to note that tooth-coloured fillings are more costly than amalgam fillings. In some cases, composite fillings are not covered by insurance plans. For a lot of patients, the extra expense is worth every penny for a filling that is virtually undetectable in the mouth!

Fighting Decay is An Everyday Job!

Bite Dental encourages patients to look after their teeth and gums with a proper daily oral care routine. Prevention is really the only way patients can keep dental caries at bay.

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