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Cosmetic Bonding for the New Year
Achieve Your Perfect Smile!

When you smile, do you smile with confidence?

Everyone deserves to love their smile and feel happy to show it off. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many of us. The good news is: while some cosmetic treatments might not be as affordable, cosmetic bonding is a more cost-effective option that is able to transform a patient’s smile into one that they’ll love. We’re talking about dental bonding!

How Bonding Works

Patients wishing to conceal stains, repair gaps or chips, change the shape/length or correct mild crookedness of their teeth can do so with a cosmetic bonding procedure. The dentist will use tooth-coloured composite resin material (the same material used to fill a tooth with a cavity) to magically alter the appearance of the tooth or teeth being treated.

During a procedure, the dentist will etch the surface of the tooth in which the putty-like resin material will be bonded to. He or she will then apply a special conditioning solution to the area, and the resin will then be applied and shaped and smoothed until the desired result is achieved. The final step involves hardening the material with a UV or laser light. The best part about this treatment other than what it can provide for a patient would be its convenience – a patient can have their work done all in one visit!

Is Cosmetic Bonding Right for Me?

Most patients in good dental health are candidates for dental bonding. However, if a patient has a habit of biting on hard objects or clenching their teeth together, they should re-think a procedure like this as they’d be putting their beautiful new smile at risk for breakage. Good oral hygiene will help to keep a bonding treatment in great shape for years.

Thinking about cosmetic bonding for the New Year? A new and improved smile may be just the thing you need to feel like a better you for 2017. Call our Downtown Toronto dentist today for a consultation!