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flossing for healthy gums and teeth

May the Floss Be With You for Healthy Gums & Teeth
Do you floss every single day?

While most of us do our part to keep our teeth sparkly clean and fresh every day… there are some of us who might be lazier when it comes to the flossing part. Are you one of those people? (Seriously, there’s a good chance you don’t floss every day… but we’re not going to make any accusations)!

WHY is flossing every day so important?

Despite what you may have thought about flossing being “unnecessary”, flossing truly is a vital component of keeping your teeth as clean as they can be. Our teeth have several surfaces, and brushing alone effectively cleans the front and back surfaces of your teeth… but forget everything else in-between! It’s true, toothbrush bristles don’t reach in between the teeth and clean like floss does… so every day you go without flossing, you’re keeping the interproximal (in between the teeth) bacteria with you.

Slide away to fight tooth decay

By not cleaning out the food and gunk that collects in between the teeth (which happens every time you eat… not just after you eat a spinach salad), our Toronto dentist warns that you’re increasing your risk for developing interproximal decay. These are the types of cavities that form in between the teeth, which many non-flossers have seen in at least one point of their life! (Our Toronto dentist has surely seen it, too)!

It’s a breeze to fight gum disease

By flossing daily, you’ll be keeping gingivitis at bay. Neglected gums often quickly develop gingivitis… which can typically be detected if the gums bleed with brushing or flossing. Gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, the final stage of periodontal (gum) disease… and at this point, the teeth become at risk for falling out.

Clean gums are healthy gums

Flossing in conjunction with brushing is so important for the health of your gums and your teeth. It’s also important to avoid using excessive force when you’re brushing or flossing, as you don’t want to recede or damage your gums, either.

If you’ve been away from the hygienist for a while and could use a deep cleaning or gum therapy, we can help! Call our dentist in downtown Toronto to schedule a visit.