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The Four Main Causes of a Yellow, Stained Smile
Steer Clear to Keep Clear!

A yellow or stained smile can be a great cosmetic concern for a patient… understandably! And in order to keep a smile white and bright for as long as possible after a whitening treatment, a person should understand what to do (and avoid).

1. Certain foods and drinks

Some foods and substances that are notorious for discolouring pearly whites include berries, curry spice, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, tomato sauce, coffee, tea and wine (both red and white!). The surface tooth enamel takes on the strong pigments of these foods and beverages.

2. Smoking or chewing tobacco

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco have the ability to seriously discolour the teeth, often leaving behind very yellow or brownish stains that are even harder to remove than stains caused by food. But our Toronto dentist wouldn’t list this as the primary reason to kick the habit – tobacco use increases a person’s risk of a number of oral health issues, like oral cancer, gum disease and tooth decay.

3. Enamel wear

When enough enamel wear occurs on the teeth, they can take on a more yellow tinge. This is because the yellow-ish dentin layer that’s underneath it begins to show through when the enamel is thin enough. Enamel wear can occur as a result of exposure to acidic foods and substances, aggressive brushing, or teeth grinding (bruxism).

4. Excess fluoride

While proper treatment with fluoride is undeniably great for our teeth, exposing the teeth to too much of it can lead to yellow/brownish spots on the teeth referred to as fluorosis.

How will you whiten?

Professional teeth whitening will typically provide an excellent result for every person suffering from a dull or discoloured smile. And when it comes to whitening treatments, people have the choice of whitening in-office with their dentist, using a take-home kit provided by their dentist, or purchasing an over-the-counter kit from a trusted brand.

If you’d like to learn more about Bite Dental’s safe and incredibly effective whitening treatment, contact us today! We’d love to have you in for a complimentary consultation.