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freshen your breath

Your Four-Step Guide to Fresh Breath On-The-Go
Because your date deserves your freshest smile forward!

Do you ever struggle with the fear that a co-worker or hot date will catch a whiff of your halitosis and remember you as “the one with bad breath” FOREVER? It’s a scary thought – but aside from an excellent oral hygiene routine, our Toronto dentists want to share these four ways you can ensure your breath stays fresh as can be when you’re out and about!

1. AVOID any foods containing garlic or onions, or any sugary foods or beverages.

Consuming garlic, onion or sugar is a fool-proof way to stink up your breath instantly! If you’ve got a special date or event coming up, even the day before – steer clear of such foods and drinks for the time being and you and your breath will be in the clear.

2. Chew sugar-free mint gum, or suck on a sugar-free mint.

A minty, sugarless aid will help you to ensure your breath is minty-fresh for whatever you’ve got planned. But don’t think that a stick of spearmint gum is going to save you from your shawarma lunch – because the potent hummus will win this round… and every round.

3. Keep a trusty tongue scraper nearby.

Did you know that the tongue acts like one big carpet for stinky bacteria? It’s true… so it makes a lot of sense that keeping the tongue clean will do a lot for your breath. As a general rule of tongue, you should be scraping or brushing your tongue (back to front) at least once a day, anyway. Is this something you’ve been doing?

4. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times.

Drinking water on the regular will help to wash away smelly particles of food and bacteria. And not only will this simple habit help to keep your smile fresh – it will aid in keeping it strong and cavity-free.

Well there you have it! Four excellent (and simple) ways to keep your breath fresh on-the-go… so you can leave your halitosis worries at the door!