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bad halloween treats

Five of the Worst Halloween Treats for Oral Health
See any of your favourite treats on this list?...


What’s more frightening than ghosts and goblins this Halloween?

Well, it may just be these 5 spooky snacks that are sure to make our teeth scream in horror! This October, our downtown Toronto dentist shares 5 of the top classic Halloween treats known to cause cavities. So remember to be cautious and practice good hygiene while you indulge!

1. Caramel

Caramel loves to stick to the teeth and STAY THERE. Anyone who’s ever popped a caramel chew in their mouth knows the battle all too well – your tongue doesn’t have the capacity to scrape that caramel off of every tooth and out of every groove!

2. Taffy

When it comes to its ability to wreak havoc on our teeth, taffy is just like caramel in its sinister ways. Chewy, sticky and stubborn; try to stay away from these kinds of treats this Halloween… unless you’ve got a bottle of water nearby to help dissolve and clean off what your tongue can’t.

3. Jaw breakers/ hard candies

Harder candies such as jawbreakers and Warheads have a tendency to dissolve slowly in the mouth, which increases the exposure time of the sugars to your teeth. In addition to this, hard candy is notorious for chipping and breaking teeth – so you could experience a dental emergency while you’re enjoying a sweet treat like this.

4. Bubble gum

Bubble gum, or in other words – chewable sugar, is probably one of the worst things for your oral health that you can chew on. And because gum typically lingers in the mouth for longer periods of time, the teeth are exposed to the sugars for longer, increasing the risk of damage.

5. Potato chips

As unassuming as this classic Halloween treat may seem (they’re not sweet, anyway!); potato chips can surely contribute to tooth decay and cavities. They tend to settle into the grooves of the teeth and stay there, and as a fermentable carbohydrate, the bacteria in our mouths thrive off of this to create decay-contributing acids.

It’s up to you to keep the decay at bay.

Be careful with those sneaky treats this Halloween! You can take very beneficial preventive measures such as swishing water around in your mouth after consumption, limiting the number of times you consume such foods, and eating these treats along with meals instead of as snacks.

Happy (and Safe) Spooky Snacking!