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Sedation dentistry in Toronto

Is Your Dental Anxiety Compromising the Health of Your Smile?
Sedation dentistry is here to help.

If the dentist is one thing you can admit to being afraid of, know this: you’re in good company. SO many people suffer from a fear of the dentist, or anything dental-related.

And while your fear may be minor and not something that’s preventing you from going for your check-ups, if you happen to be suffering from a more serious dental phobia, your oral health can be in some serious trouble. In fact, people who suffer from dental phobia generally have a higher risk of periodontal disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. And when a person’s oral health suffers, their emotional and mental health can take a hit, as well.

Fortunately, many patients find that their dental fear – whether mild, moderate or severe – can be overcome or made less intimidating with the help of sedation dentistry! And talking to our friendly Toronto dentist about your concerns or fears great first step.

Two sedation options available at our clinic are:

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is sedation provided in the form of a pill, usually triazolam (Halcion®), taken roughly an hour before the scheduled appointment. This is very mild form of sedation that induces feelings of relaxation, drowsiness and relief from anxiety. Some patients will even doze off during their treatment, as the medication will bring them to such a calm state.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, is a form of sedation that is administered through a mask placed on the patient’s nose. The patient will still be fully conscious and responsive, but anxiety will usually decrease and the patient will become very giggly and euphoric feelings! The effects of the drug wear off as soon as the mask is removed.

Take control of your fear… your smile will thank you!

Even if you aren’t currently experiencing any dental emergencies or warning signs of an underlying oral health problem, it’s still vital to visit the dentist and hygienist bi-yearly to address any issues early and to remove stubborn deposits of plaque bacteria. This is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy smile for life… believe us!